Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tigers too much for Chargers

Riverside, CA - Riverside defeat the Chargers 13-3 in a conference game that drop the Chargers record to 2-2. The Chargers are still in contention to have a good seed at the OEC Championships next month. The Tigers' offense was being carried by Megan Guertz who took 11 shots on goals and scored five times to lead her team. Monique Dorado led the game with 13 shots on goals but only converted two nets.  Goalie Kelsey Kendall played a significant role by having 10 saves in which two were 5M shots.  The game was relatively close at the half which the Tigers led only 3-0. After three periods, the Tigers held 7-2 lead but broke the game open in the 4th with six goals. The Chargers are 7-8 overall.

Next up: The Chargers are traveling to Ventura to participate in the Ventura Tournament during the weekend of October 6.


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